Our Services - China Lanka Logistics
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Key Services

  • Customs house clearing & forwarding
  • Transporting of containerized & break bulk cargo
  • Heavy lift operations and placing
  • Supplying of cranes & forklifts
  • Supplying of cargo handling & construction equipment
  • Project management & cargo handling operations
  • Cargo lashing services
  • Freight management


  • Customs Clearance
  • Transportation and Freight Management
  • Cargo Handling and Project Management​​​​​​​

Customs Clearance

CL Logistics offers full range of services for import clearance and export forwarding,Customs House Brokerage is a service that requires an indepth knowledge in customs rules & regulations and import duty calculations of various commodities. With our vastly experienced staff who can handle different commodites and various sectors including clearing containers and break bulk and liquid bulk cargo direct or through bonded arrangements.

  • At C L Logistics we anticipate heavy administrative and clearance components involved in logistics and transportation, and offer our clients comprehensive customs and administrative clearance and trading services.
  • C L Logistics also is able to import and export a variety of goods—any types of equipment, heavy machinery or commodities efficiently for corporations.
  • Our knowledge of import, export and customs regulatory processes gives you a trading advantage anywhere you do business, globally. We offer our clients:
  • Trading Services — import and export of all types of goods— automobiles heavy machinery, equipment and commodities.
  •  Customs house clearing and forwarding services

Transportation and Freight Management

CL Logistics are supprior for Air, Sea and Land transportation services cater to the diverse needs of our customers. We organize the most cost effective, efficient and secure transport and freight routes for our clients, and design the best solutions to fit your needs. Our comprehensive transportation and freight services cover the entire value chain, and includes,

  • Transporting Containerized and Break-Bulk Cargo / empty Containers and ETC…
  • Inland distribution (Small kind of vans / Small coverd lorries and LCL lorries)
  • Freight Management     
                Complete worldwide service for air/sea imports and exports
                Multi-model Transportation solutions
                Complete A to Z supply chain solutions with a door-to-door service
                Multi-country consolidation for both inward and outward
                Competitive Rates
  • Cargo Handling and Vessel Charters

Features and services 

  • Ability to perform optimally in areas such as import, export, empty container handling, construction material and localised product delivery
  • We are involved in the handling of door delivery consignments and picking up of cargo from suppliers' door.
  • Optimised vehicle utilisation and transfer of benefits to the client
  • 24x7 Operational and sales support providing and real time information on vehicle status
  • Online GPS tracking and time management
  • Customer support in total logistics planning for optimised results
  • Absolute flexibility for client customisation

Cargo Handling and Project Management

As a full-service logistics provider, we also understand the importance of providing our clients with additional support on-site as needed. Our expertise in logistical problems allows us to tailor the right solutions for you, while keeping your costs low.

  • Project Management Services
  • Cargo Handling Operations
  • Cargo Lashing Services

Equipment Supply 

  • In addition to providing you with a full logistics solution, we also offer standalone cargo handling equipment and service both on-site and at port. Let C L Logistics do the heavy lifting for you, when you are in need of a cost-effective and professional solution.
  • Our cost-effective storage solutions are available to meet the needs of clients looking for a diverse range of covered, refrigerated or open storage for rental or purchase. Your material, goods and equipment are secured in our superior containers and warehouses, we offer you:
  • Rental of Cargo Handling Equipment On-site:
  • Cranes     25 Ton Up To 100 Ton
  • Forklifts   2.5 Ton Up to 15 Ton
  • Boom Trucks  5 Ton Up to 12 Ton
  • Construction Equipment
  • Empty Containers
  • Converted Containers
  • Heavy mechinary handling , equipment placing , over gauge cargo transportation